Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Black and White Pt.2

To further my point, one of the people I know that happens to be white with an adopted Black child came into my part-time job this past weekend! She came in with her sisters and of course one was white, the other was bi-racial and then she was the darkest of them all. Her hair was nowhere near acceptable, and looked as if some attempted to comb it but gave up. The other two siblings seemed flawless, while she had a perm that had been out grown by far. When she noticed me, she began to make comments on how her hair needs to be done, and how she was not happy with how it looked and would be glad if they could go to someone and get her hair done.

It is obvious that she felt a little uncomfortable with how she looked in the presence of other Black people, but this is the life that she lives, at home with some one that has no clue what it means to be Black, or give a Black person the proper care. But they could not wait to jump at the chance to call her hair "nappy!"

Please not that this was a photo that I had to sneak to take or else I would have a better photo of her, but you should be able to see the great possibility of psychological damage. Because her peers are not always playing fair when it comes to making fun of others.

I honestly believe that races should adopt their own races. It cuts down on a lot of issues to come!

Peace KG

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Black and White

Yesterday a white customer came into my part-time job and asked one of the Black females where she got her hair done, because his family is adopting a Black child. Many people have mixed emotions about this, whereas I have ONE emotion about this: STOP! It is almost like adopting Black children is in season right now! I do know the urgency and need for Black children to be adopted, but they should be adopted by people of their own race!

I have seen countless Black girls that have been adopted by white people and their hair is out of order, they have no sense of who they are (no matter how much THEY try to teach Black culture to the child), and they grow up with some kind of complex or not being able to fit in among their peers. Sometimes wonderif this is a part of the plot to further brainwash, or discredit the Black familyor race. For years they tried to dilute the blood of the Black race by "cross-breeding," and now since that idea hs not workled effectively, they are working on the mental state of the young even deeper now by up rooting and re-programming a tender young mind.

We are at war on so many levels and now this is yet another battlefield that has been laid before us! What do we do? Start adopting, take care of our family members when their parents fall off, and instill values in our own children so that they become productive parents and do not let this happen to their kids!

I know this may not be grammatically correct, but tonight my heart is in it much deeper than my mind to write correctly! Black people we should stand up and do something NOW! Start programs that envelope parental training for young Black parents, create a mentor program for Black Youth, and just IMPACT where we can! Stop by and volunteer to read to kids at a school....show them that WE care about OUR race and OUR children!

Just a thought from K2DA!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

African-American Franchises

You have a successful Black-Owned business in your hometown. It is a service that so many people need. What is stopping you from franchising? What limits you or someone yo know to only doing it in your local area and not branching out? Please sound off and let me know your thoughts.