Friday, October 15, 2010

Today's Revelation

Some days I get so excited about the little lessons I have the opportunity to learn! I always say if I fail to learn anything or at least ask a question everyday, then I have died a little bit that day.

I was riding down one of the busiest streets in my town today, and I was stopped at a stop light behind several cars. I decided to look up at a tree, and I noticed how it conformed to the shape of a diesel and its trailer. Most of these trucks are about the same height so it was very interesting to see how this tree - over time - has decided to change its normal (comfortable) path and work on a new avenue of growth.

After the truck moved out of the way, there was a clear 90 degree angle in this tree's growth pattern. Where most trees grow freely, this tree stopped on this one side from growing horizontally and redirected, and at the same time; still growing.

Applying this to our daily lives: many of us get comfortable in growing (going) the same way that we have done for years. Doing the same thing and becoming redundant and mundane. We almost never deviate from what we are comfortable with and when things hinder us, we just STOP and let it be, or let it have its way. When in all actuality, we should be growing every day, in every way, not allowing others (Trucks) to stop us from growing. It may seem like a setback, but if we are wise, we see this obstacles as a need for change of plans. All the while, we are constantly growing...STILL!

One can be deeply rooted and still change direction - like the tree. I am grateful that my Divine father showed me this vision on this day. As some of you may never see what I saw or see it my way....I saw what I needed to see and received a life changing revelation. The next time you are stuck in traffic, do not complain....look around you because God may be trying to tell you something!

Peace and Divine Blessings,