Monday, July 1, 2013

Come Be My Music

I want you to take me away!  I want to go on a permanent vacation with you wrapped up in my arms!  Wrapped up in my love and protection.  I want to build a life worthy of story books passed down from generations to generations for eternity.  I want to give you all the riches that I have to offer.  My riches do not consist of millions of dollars, but my richness is full of love, living according to My Divine Creator, laughter and lessons that I have taken care to learn, where as others would ignore.  I want to give you my attention, and be happy to see you daily.  I want to wake up daily to your smiles, your voice, you aging gracefully, you walking into your royalty, spoiling you, cherishing you, and being the man of your dreams.  However, at the end of the day.......right are not here and I am not there.........Still just a dream.

I want you to be My Music and I would dedicate this song to you - EVERY DAY