Thursday, March 17, 2011

Constantly Learning

Yesterday was a major learning experience for me. All that I teach/preach to others, I was faced with! From people talking about you, to people doing minute things that we let send us off the deep end!

I know that there will be times when I get angry, and last night was one of them, but it is how you deal with that anger that really afects those close to you. I was angry yesterday because of a huge stress load. When confronted by several issues, I became overwhelemed with anger, stress, and a cornicopia of emotions!

I have a beautiful young lady in my corner and that loves me very much and I recognized how she was helpful in calming my nerves, and at that point I redirected the negative energy. In redirecting that energy, I turned it inward instead of pushing it out! I became angry with myself because I allowed myself to reach a boiling point and I knew I should have known better than to let that happen.besides...I have been teaching people NOT to do this very same thing.

After a deep meditation, I was able to get 90% of that out of my mind and was ready to move forward....only to realize that I had allowed some of that negative energy to manifest in my immediate surroundings! The perception of my anger and shutting down was taken in a way that I was not even close to feeling and it breathed life into frustration from the one I adore. This, of course, just sent the emotions running back through me and I became frustrated again.

My lesson learned: No matter how in control we may think we are....there are moments where we are not so super human! More importantly if we are not careful, our anger may bounce off of us and affect those close to us.



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Music & My Life

Isn't it funny how music can bring certain remembrances to your life? I was riding around town the other day making sales calls, and I realized that I had my personal music in my work vehicle!

Imagine my joy riding around town listening to what I wanted to instead of what had to! As soon as I popped in the tribute CD to Frankie Beverly, I went to the track "We Are One," sung y Raheem DeVaughn. I had an instant thought of the day I shared this song with my homegirl, and how she - instantly - lit up and began to dance almost uncontrollably started to dance in the passenger seat of the car. The affect that the music had on her made me forget exactly where I first heard the song, but, it made a new memory for me.

As I proceeded down the highway, I flipped on Jill Scott's "lonely Whenever You're Around" and it reminded me of the day I received this CD and headed out of town to Dallas, TX. It was a great trip to celebrate with friends and family, but the purchase of this CD made the long journey there much more pleasant!

There are so many times and songs that I can tell you exactly when I bought it, heard it, or played it! It is amazing how that happens! Music is a gift! I often use it as a motivator, mood enhancer, or just to help me get away! When your day isn't going according to plan...keep a few songs in your repertoire for moments you need a pick me up, a calmer, or just need to forget about your present moment!

I do it all the time! Here's a few that I keep close to me:

1. Count Your Blessings by Damien Marley and Nas
2. Today by Ledisi
3. Mismaloya Beach by Ray Parker Jr. (Yes the Ghostbusters Guy)
4. Far Away by Kindred The Family Soul
5. Get Up Stand Up by Bob Marley
6. F* You by Cee Lo Green
7. Share My Life by Kem



The Beautiful Struggle

As we walk through life with the intentions of living a righteous life, we are tested on many levels. The walk is according to how you look at it. So many people will tell you that the walk is difficult, but that does not have to be so. Perspective is everything!

Look at your life and your purpose. Once you know what your purpose is, then know that everything that happens to or for you is for your betterment! So no matter what comes your way there is some good in it to help shape your future. A flat tire could have been there to prevent a wreck further up the road. There are a million instances where this concept could be applied. So then it all becomes a beautiful struggle!

In the end, your reward is much greater than taking the lower road! Continue to step your game up and make big things happen through your mainfestations! Thoughts become things, so if your thoughts are pure and your intentions are to do on the look out because greatness is coming!