Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Note to baby Mommas

I have learned that sometimes, people need a visual chart to help them see! I am going to be as elementary as I possibly can right now because it helps me to blow off some steam!

KG Pays child support on 2 daughters and is a single dad of one child.

KG Normally works 2 jobs and other side jobs to help cover the cost of child support.

KG Made a lot of money at one point, until he lost his good paying job.

Instead of running to the attorney general, to have child support decreased....KG took on a second job!

KG THOUGHT he was doing the noble thing!

For over 3 years now, KG's life looks like this chart

KG Works Full-Time Day Job 8:00 am to 5 or 5:30 PM Monday through Friday and some weekends.

KG then rushes home to only change clothes and go to second job.

KG's second job starts at 6:00 and he is normally late but he changes and gets there ASAP

KG then works until 12:30 AM or later

KG loves his community and tries to attend college to better himself, so he requested nights off that work with his schooling - Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

On M,T, & Th, he attends class, Board meetings, volunteers, conference calls, bakes Cheesecakes for hisbusiness that he wants so bad to get up and running, and somehow eats with his live in daughter on Monday nights.

KG has grown very tired, but he does not want to take any money away from his other 2 children, so he continues to work tirelessly.

KG is laid off at full time job....There is a very short gap of child support, but it was only 3 weeks and monies were back on the way thanks to part-time job.

KG now has limited amount of income from part-time job.

KG's saved resources are being depleted

KG continues to apply and interview all over.

Needless to say....I get the short end of the stick when it comes to my daughters! I can not visit them like i want to because i work 7 days a week....70+ hours a week, but it is all done to better myself to better take care of them. And so that they do NOT go lacking, I refuse to reduce my child support, but every time I look up, I am in court, being threatened by a judge to be thrown in jail! The last time I went...I was a little over $1000 in the hole...that has grown due to massive amounts of interest etc... to a whopping $8000.00 bux! How I do not know because I have now been paying an extra $200 a month plus court costs! Sad thing is I KNOW men that dodge child support but I get taken through this not only by the courts, but by my exes. Then my children get this speech about how "Your dad won't take the time to come visit you"!

Just had to let this out before I imploded!

Thank you for listening if you did!

The solution to this all is understanding and working together for the good of the children, but when you are greedy, jealouos, hateful, envious, or anything else that is negative....the children get hurt! is and is not about the money! As a single dad I know what it is like to NOT receive in monetary support for your child from the other parent...I mad a choice to work my butt off, to make ends meet! They may not always meet, but u dang sure hustle! I have gone without for years so that they have! My newest pair of shorts is almost 4 years newest pair of shoes came from my daughter who is working as a father's day gift against my wishes!

However, knowing that I work so much and would think that I could be met half way through this for some visitation! I can't go on the weekends because that's when i make the majority of my money at the part time job....let go of the ego, pride, and greed.....and work with each other! Learn from My situation! Let him see his kids even if he doesn't have the money to pay you...dont talk bad about the other parent to your kids...let them grow to make their own decisions....they will hate you later if you hold them back and they learn the truth in a situation...what if he/she died tomorrow and never got to tell their kids they love them? If they are deadbeats...that's one thing....but if he tries one way or the other.....let them see the kids.....that is the BEST child support ever!

I am saddened tonight because it is my youngest daughter's birthday and she has taken on her mother's anger and UN-friended me on facebook, did not invite me to her party this weekend, or had much to say to me on the phone. If somehow we could have only met in the middle....this would not be the case!

Holding back tears

I'm Done!

Live, Learn, Love, then Laugh!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Today's Revelation

Some days I get so excited about the little lessons I have the opportunity to learn! I always say if I fail to learn anything or at least ask a question everyday, then I have died a little bit that day.

I was riding down one of the busiest streets in my town today, and I was stopped at a stop light behind several cars. I decided to look up at a tree, and I noticed how it conformed to the shape of a diesel and its trailer. Most of these trucks are about the same height so it was very interesting to see how this tree - over time - has decided to change its normal (comfortable) path and work on a new avenue of growth.

After the truck moved out of the way, there was a clear 90 degree angle in this tree's growth pattern. Where most trees grow freely, this tree stopped on this one side from growing horizontally and redirected, and at the same time; still growing.

Applying this to our daily lives: many of us get comfortable in growing (going) the same way that we have done for years. Doing the same thing and becoming redundant and mundane. We almost never deviate from what we are comfortable with and when things hinder us, we just STOP and let it be, or let it have its way. When in all actuality, we should be growing every day, in every way, not allowing others (Trucks) to stop us from growing. It may seem like a setback, but if we are wise, we see this obstacles as a need for change of plans. All the while, we are constantly growing...STILL!

One can be deeply rooted and still change direction - like the tree. I am grateful that my Divine father showed me this vision on this day. As some of you may never see what I saw or see it my way....I saw what I needed to see and received a life changing revelation. The next time you are stuck in traffic, do not complain....look around you because God may be trying to tell you something!

Peace and Divine Blessings,


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Black and White Pt.2

To further my point, one of the people I know that happens to be white with an adopted Black child came into my part-time job this past weekend! She came in with her sisters and of course one was white, the other was bi-racial and then she was the darkest of them all. Her hair was nowhere near acceptable, and looked as if some attempted to comb it but gave up. The other two siblings seemed flawless, while she had a perm that had been out grown by far. When she noticed me, she began to make comments on how her hair needs to be done, and how she was not happy with how it looked and would be glad if they could go to someone and get her hair done.

It is obvious that she felt a little uncomfortable with how she looked in the presence of other Black people, but this is the life that she lives, at home with some one that has no clue what it means to be Black, or give a Black person the proper care. But they could not wait to jump at the chance to call her hair "nappy!"

Please not that this was a photo that I had to sneak to take or else I would have a better photo of her, but you should be able to see the great possibility of psychological damage. Because her peers are not always playing fair when it comes to making fun of others.

I honestly believe that races should adopt their own races. It cuts down on a lot of issues to come!

Peace KG

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Black and White

Yesterday a white customer came into my part-time job and asked one of the Black females where she got her hair done, because his family is adopting a Black child. Many people have mixed emotions about this, whereas I have ONE emotion about this: STOP! It is almost like adopting Black children is in season right now! I do know the urgency and need for Black children to be adopted, but they should be adopted by people of their own race!

I have seen countless Black girls that have been adopted by white people and their hair is out of order, they have no sense of who they are (no matter how much THEY try to teach Black culture to the child), and they grow up with some kind of complex or not being able to fit in among their peers. Sometimes wonderif this is a part of the plot to further brainwash, or discredit the Black familyor race. For years they tried to dilute the blood of the Black race by "cross-breeding," and now since that idea hs not workled effectively, they are working on the mental state of the young even deeper now by up rooting and re-programming a tender young mind.

We are at war on so many levels and now this is yet another battlefield that has been laid before us! What do we do? Start adopting, take care of our family members when their parents fall off, and instill values in our own children so that they become productive parents and do not let this happen to their kids!

I know this may not be grammatically correct, but tonight my heart is in it much deeper than my mind to write correctly! Black people we should stand up and do something NOW! Start programs that envelope parental training for young Black parents, create a mentor program for Black Youth, and just IMPACT where we can! Stop by and volunteer to read to kids at a them that WE care about OUR race and OUR children!

Just a thought from K2DA!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

African-American Franchises

You have a successful Black-Owned business in your hometown. It is a service that so many people need. What is stopping you from franchising? What limits you or someone yo know to only doing it in your local area and not branching out? Please sound off and let me know your thoughts.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where Is She?

Lately I have been thinking a lot about what kind of woman is best for KG! I used to be fascinated with long hair, then short hair like Halle B! Then I moved to the body style. I always wanted that skinny or a little thicker than skinny look on my lady!

Well, Needless to say I married that size 12, I married that hair, I married that perfect look, and it wound up being one of the BEST eye-opening experiences I was ever given by my Creator! Yes it ended in divorce, but the point of it all is that I learned what I was truly looking for! I think it is really plain and simple and to the point. I want a brain: A woman who can think with her head and then her heart. A woman that is an intellectual, but not afraid to say "I Don’t Know the answer to that question, let’s look it up together." A woman that is willing to understand that my name is KG and hers is "______" and that we will never be the same, think the same, or act the same 100% of the time! I want someone that I do not spend all of my time arguing and talking about what I should have did, but someone who wants to discuss real issues or just have an intelligent conversation. My Lady would be sweet, kind, giving, volunteering, but at the same time, knows when to direct and use other energies to get her point across. One, whose main focus is building our empire together, and not letting minute and trivial things tear it down because she KNOWS beyond a shadow of a doubt that we love each other!

She would also understand enough to know that in that love that we have for each other, that I would never intentionally or non-intentionally hurt her feelings. I would never purposely do something in err, and if it happened, then she would rationally think and RESPOND to the situation and not REACT!

Am I asking for too much? Someone to share my dreams and help make them come true as I do for her? Someone to just realize that I do not want to talk right now and I just want to be here with you and existing in that moment! Where is she? Where are you? I have been waiting for 36 years, and you have not reared your head yet. I am not worried about a size! I am not worried about length of hair! I want a natural woman that is comfortable being who she is, and knows that there is no need to defend herself from me, as I am no competition for her I am her help and she is mine. I am her pulse and she is my heart.

If you see her, tell her I am looking for her! My soul has been searching for ages, and I know she is close, but yet so far away! I need to reel her in and hold her, love her, feel her, inhale her!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Divine Intelligence

Today, I was blown away by a friend's text. It wasn't the content of the text, it was the timing of it. The words "You are in my prayers" moved me like they have not done in a long time. The content that followed let me know that it was lead by the Divine Father above. This is just a short note to remind all of us to stay true to what the Divine tells you and listen to that still & quiet inner voice. If you get the sudden urge to contact someone...DO IT! Whether it is a text, call, e-mail, or smoke signal (lol) make it happen. Just a simple 9-word text made my ENTIRE day! I am grateful for the sender, and to my Divine Father who watches over me and sends me angels to brighten my day!

Peace and Divine Blessings,


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Are we becoming too selfish as a people? I am asking because I am witnessing more and more people asking for some to pray for their loved one or themselves. Like: "My father has cancer, please pray for him that he gets healed and makes a full recovery."

I am not sure but to me that is a little selfish. I know we are all emotionally connected, and feel the need to keep one here on this Earth for as long as we can, but in all actuality when God says your time on Earth is up for this lifetime, then there is no denying that will of God!

Pray that God's will be done in your loved one's life as well as your own. Then let god take care fo the rest. If a person is suffering why pray for them to stay and continue to suffer? Let Go and Let God as many people say. No matter what we say or do...God has the ultimate say so!

Just a thought!