Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Awakening

An angel woke me up in your bed today. I lay awake beside you, holding you, as the 6am Sun peeks through the windows. I can't help but take this moment and thank God above for this vision as I trace your silhouette's each curve with my finger tips. You sleep ever so sweetly and rest gently against my chest as I realize....i could get used to this and be grateful for this moment everyday......then I sit up -somehow- in my bed, realizing was all a dream.

KG The Dreamer

Friday, June 21, 2013


Recently, I have been evaluating and RE-evaluating many aspects of my life, Spirituality, and Relationships.  In this process I have been observing many things, loved ones, friends, and relatives.  I have taken walks and meditation time to try and find what it is that has been causing a huge difference in my life.  As I began to study and observe more and more, I decided, for the moment, that I would focus on relationships and technology.

As technology progresses, it seems that the human race falls further behind.  The ability to think critically has almost been given - completely - to technology.  If you compare the older generations to the younger one, you will see that the ability to think and reason is different.  As the youth needs to state "I can't find it" the elders tend to offer suggestions of places to look that seem logical to them.  That may be a stretch but the gist of it all is this:  GPS decreases the ability to find things on your own and follow directions and recall things, mobile phones have reduced the amount of items you need to remember when going to the grocery store for someone because you can just call and ask "what was it that you needed?"

I took a look at a few of my relationships and realized that as time grew on, my relationships grew more and more intrusive and bothersome.  A normal day was talking at home, texting all day at work, hanging out afterwork, and then more texting.  Never - really - alllowing a separation from each other.  I remember when texting and mobile phones didn't exist so strongly.  There were only a few that had them, and they were considered the upper echelon.  Long story made short, we had to communicate effectively with anyone we talked to and had to either wait until we saw them again or made it home to make the phone call to talk.

Now, we talk to everyone at any given time of any given moment.  Thus, leaving no time to miss anyone, because you are always connected. Facebook, facebook application, twitter, e-mail to smart phones, texting, BBM, Google talk, Push-to-talk, Voxer, Instagram, Tango, facetime, and a host of others makes it almost impossible to lose contact with anyone.  If absence, indeed, makes the heart grow fonder.....there is no such thing as absence anymore. 

Well, I want that old thing back!  That kind of love that is okay to be apart from for a few minutes and be happy to see each other.  The trust factor that has been lost!

Divine Blessings,