Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Focused On the Wrong Things!

Grown (by age)?  Have children?  Still focused on yourself while your children fail school but excel in sports?  What good is a sports attempt if No Pass No Play is in affect? COME ON SUN!  E-V-O-L-V-E!  It's NOT about you right now...I'm sorry....but it's the sad truth!

Yes Sir.....Yes Ma'am....I'm talking to and about you!  STOP hanging out in the clubs and try hanging out in a library!  Get out of the mall and pay for a tutor!  Be a father/mother/parent/guardian to your child!  We all can STILL reach our dreams, but your child/children should come first!  I would rather live like a pauper (I'm not, but I would)  and my seeds become successful, than to live super rich (or trying to be) and my children fail at life!

God I am so grateful for 3 brilliant, beautiful, and successful daughters!  Thank you for my children and all the lessons I've learn that I may help them avoid!  My children KNOW that they do not have to have a basketball, volleyball, soccer ball, or anything else to do with sports to have a wonderful future!  They are not angels all the time, but they are my children and have great moral values. They may stray for a brief moment, but true grounding brings them back to square one and they regroup while moving forward.

I'm grateful that I set my selfish ways aside in order that they might succeed, and my life is now a living example of how to be and even how not to be!

Please people......STEP YOUR GAME UP!  It isn't all about you if you have children!
Men stop flashing your cash, and women stop showing your @#$! be a parent!  that's how you leave a life long impression on your children!

Peace Love and Light


this stems from a conversation and something I witnessed as well.....SMH!

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